Get Cooking! 12 years teaching cookery skills

I can’t quite believe Get Cooking! is 12 years old! Many of you will not know my story and my passion for teaching all ages to cook.

It all started back when I was working for RHM Foodservice in Reading. I was working part time and due to go on maternity leave. I used to talk to chefs giving advice on the products and how to make the most of them. After working is various cost sector caterer establishments since I was 16, studying an environmental management degree and being brought up in a household with a limited income, appreciating food and making the most of it comes naturally.

While on maternity leave I knew I could not afford childcare for two children and when the option for redundancy came up I took it. My old frugal ways came back in abundance (although they never really went away!) and cooking on a budget was one way to reduce our family costs.

I started to write down my recipes. Friends used to ask for the recipes and ask how I made certain dishes especially at my local children’s centre where I took my youngest child and made new friends.

While there it became apparent my knowledge of food and cooking on a budget were skills that I could share with others.

I was invited to provide a demonstration to show how you could eat well for less. I started with every toddler favourite chicken nuggets, wedges and coleslaw. It was very well received and it was great to see children and adults alike tucking in at the end.

It felt good to be sharing my knowledge and soon I was providing demonstrations at my local school to help improve parent engagement with staff. The lure of food was a winner!

I have provided many private lessons, demonstrations and cooking programmes over the last 12 years. Cooking skills are vital to enable greater choice over what you can eat. Zoom has been great in reaching thousands of people over the last 18 months and providing free essential cooking skills as well as fun baking workshops.

Eating well on a budget has been a problem for a long time and it is only getting worse. Over the years more people are struggling and relying heavily on Foodbank and FareShare along with community projects. The phrase eat or heat is a real predicament for many households. Budgets are to be squeezed further with increase in fuel prices and removal of the extra benefit through lockdown.

I have been working with The Village Project in Solihull and Brunswick Hub recently and will continue to provide more budget cooking classes in the Warwick and Leamington Spa area.

Being able to provide cooking skills and empowering others to cook good food continues to be my main objective. It gives you control and can bring great joy to others cooking and sharing a simple tasty meal.

Everyone has the right to eat good food!

To celebrate 12 years teaching cooking skills use the discount code CELEBRATION12 for £10 off any online workshop.

For more information how I can help you or your organisation please get in touch or subscribe to the newsletter to keep informed of workshops coming up.

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