Community Cooking Workshops

Teaching basic cooking skills that will last a lifetime

Community cooking workshops enable people to discover the confidence to cook within a social environment. It is a valuable way to unite a community, regardless of age. Cooking skills set young people up for life, build social and interpersonal skills, and teach practical cookery.

Best of all, sessions can be provided where people can sit down and share a meal at the end of the session. Cooking is more than just about the recipe!

Teaching people of all ages and backgrounds how to eat well on a limited budget means fewer takeaways and better eating habits. Anne Marie continues to work and volunteer with organisations in the community to help people get the best from even the most basic ingredients.

Get Cooking! Supports and partners with local organisations through community funding and grants.

Workshops have been provided for many charities within Warwickshire, including WRCC, The Village Project, The Gap, Entrust, Children’s Project, Lifespace Trust, Barnardo’s, Warwickshire Carers, Esther Project, Crown Routes, Leamington Foodbank, Whitnash Community Centre, Coventry Foster Carers, Leominster Food Share and Brunswick Hub.

Cooking courses for your organisation

Workshops can be designed around age, cooking ability and affordability. Between 6 and 12 people can attend face-to-face (depending on location, aims, ability and facilities).

Food demonstrations allow for greater numbers to access knowledge regarding budget cooking, reducing food waste and making the most of ingredients. Sustainable cooking and lifestyle are common requests for organisations looking for a speaker to provide practical advice at a basic and achievable level.

Courses are built around the facilities available – if there is electricity and hot water on hand, it can happen anywhere!

Typical sessions include youth projects, social housing community projects and individuals of all ages who feel isolated. Working in venues enables socialisation alongside cooking skills.

Ability to provide cooking workshops nationwide through Zoom and pre-recorded cooking sessions.

Focus on:

Cooking and eating well on a budget.

How to incorporate fresh vegetables with typical store cupboard ingredients into everyday cooking.

Reducing reliance on pre-packaged food and takeaways.

Making the most of cooking facilities to limit energy costs of kitchen equipment.


Enjoy cooking from scratch.

Confidence to create simple meals from scratch.

Gain an understanding of a healthier diet.

They are provided with simple, fast and economical meal solutions.

Greater knowledge of how to prepare and store fresh vegetables.

Know how to reduce food waste by making use of leftovers.

Receive basic cooking, food preparation and knife skills.

Additional benefits:

Cooking with others provides companionship and improvement in general confidence through a shared goal.

Potential to improve general health.

Improvement in well-being.

Anne Marie has over 14 years of experience working with organisations providing basic cooking skills on budget workshops, enabling people to be better cooks. She is patient, kind and gives people the confidence to have a go!

Anne Marie is committed to helping everyone learn to cook, whatever their circumstances and has been involved in numerous local community projects in Warwickshire.


Upcoming Events

Online Zoom Lessons

Live Zoom cooking classes and demonstrations for any occassion. Available for individuals, family, friends and work colleagues.

Gift Vouchers

Our Get Cooking! Experience Gift Vouchers make a great present for all ages from 7 to 70, for birthdays, Christmas or just because!  Vouchers are very popular with young adults about to leave home (and their parents!)

Whether you’re a complete beginner, want to brush up on basics, pick up new skills, or try out new dishes, Anne Marie can help you become a better cook.