Hints, tips and basic recipes by Get Cooking!

Here are just a few video hints, tips and recipes to help you get started with the some basic recipes. Some of the most common questions I get asked is what can I do with pulses and how do I avoid crying when chopping onions?

Everyone takes their first steps into cooking at different stages in their life. I always say you are never to young or old you just need to start! With time your confidence will grow.

If you want to join in the cooking chat, looking for inspiration and sharing ideas, look up my Facebook group Cooking Made Easy.

Hints and tips:

How to chop an onion without crying

Croutons and vegetable peelings – no need to waste!

Fresh sprouts from dried pulses

Preparing leeks

Making packed lunches for children

Easy wat to put greaseproof paper into baking trays


How to make simple oat milk from scratch

Simple things you can make with chickpeas

How to make simple cheap tomato and lentil soup

How to make a tasty slow cooker beef stew

Allotment vegan cooking with seasonal summer vegetables

How to make economical fish cakes and gnocchi

How to make summer fruit pudding with berries and currants

I hope you find some of the above videos useful.

I do teach beyond basics too! So if you are looking to learn a technical skill like sushi, pasta or discover a new cuisine to widen your repertoire get in touch.

I love teaching baking classics and have lots of hints and tips for them too!

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