10 simple ideas to improve your meals without really trying

Every year we are bombarded with articles on how to improve your lifestyle and diet. So many of them are unsustainable.

If there is one thing you can try to do is reduce consumption of processed food by cooking from scratch. Eating real whole food and knowing what is on your plate is a great start.

Here are some simple ideas to improve your meals:

  1. Sign up to a veg box to encourage you to eat more vegetables.

  2. Serve a side salad with every meal to stop you delving for snacks later.

  3. Create simple marinades with flavoured oil, herbs and spices, which can be stored in the fridge and used for salads and flavour bombs in soup, stir fries and casseroles.

  4. Invest in some store cupboard staples to make it easier to cook from scratch (soy, veg stock powder, herbs, tomato paste).

  5. Sprinkle salads with nuts, seeds or crushed seaweed.

  6. Introduce lentils, tinned chickpeas or beans to replace meat.

  7. Invest in a small blender to chop onions, garlic, ginger, nuts and seeds and other vegetables.

  8. Ensure you have sharp knives, it really makes a difference to preparing vegetables.

  9. Take photos of recipes and create a folder on your phone or use a recipe saver app.

  10. Store a variety of frozen vegetables to create some quick easy teas.


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