What can I make from sour milk?

What can I make from sour milk?


You can a range of dishes with it to avoid throwing it out before it goes completely rancid.  Paneer, cottage cheese and with the whey it can be used in pancakes, chapatis, bread and scones.  You can use sour milk in replacement of buttermilk.


First of all what is sour milk?

It is milk were acidification has occurred.  This can occur naturally after a length of time particularly if left out of the fridge.  It can also be engineered by adding an acid like lemon juice or vinegar.

What is the difference between sour milk and buttermilk?

Spoiled milk is made by adding an acid.  Buttermilk is the result of whipping double cream until it separated into butter and a liquid.


What can affect the quantity of cheese made?

Brand/variety and batch of milk have different levels of fat content.

Seasons – in summer cows tend to produce less fat in the milk when it is warm. (I know this from my old Costa coffee days when we used to have a problem frothing the milk on really hot days!)

Did you know buffalo milk has twice the fat content as cow milk? This produces more cheese.


How do I make my own cheese from sour milk?

Add milk to a pan and bring slowly to the boil on allow to medium heat.

Once started to boil add the lemon juice or vinegar (this will produce a firmer set)

Make sure it is starting to curdle before you turn the heat off.

Leave to form clumps in the whey.

Place a colander on top of a bowl and place a muslin /cotton cloth/handkerchief

inside the sieve.

Pour the curds and whey into the sieve.

Rinse the cheese to eliminate the lemon/vinegar taste and smell.

Drain off all the water and squeeze out the excess through the cloth.  This loose cheese is cottage cheese.

If you wish to make paneer, keep the cheese in the cloth in the sieve and place a heavy object on top to remove the remaining liquid.  Leave it for about an hour, keep whole or cut into cubes and refrigerate.

To use: add to a curry near the end of cooking so it heats through but does not become rubbery.

DO NOT BOIL! It will crumble and disintegrate.

DON’T OVERCOOK It will go hard and rubbery.

How do I store Paneer?

In the fridge.  You can place a damp cloth around it so it doesn’t dry out or you can submerge in water in a lidded container to keep the paneer soft.  The paneer should be ok for at least two or three days.


What can I make with sour milk? Paneer



750ml milk  (you can even use dried milk! 1 tbsp milk powder to 100ml water)

1 tbsp lemon juice

Yield: approximately 60g of cheese (this is not a lot but is better than wasting milk that has gone off). Also you can use the remaining liquid in your baking.

N.B. The amount will be different each time depending on the milk used.

I did an experiment just using 250ml of milk and 1 tsp of lemon juice and was surprised by the results!

Semi skimmed (Milk and More organic) produced 20g of cheese.

Semi skimmed dried milk (Morrisons) produced 10.8g of cheese.

Full fat milk (Co-op) produced 4.3g of cheese.


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